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Ball Joint


  • Model:


Min:  4

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OEM Models

30889962 S13088996330889963 S13088996230887470 S13088747030887469 S13088746930887033 S13088703330887025 S13088702530883989 S13088398930883988 S13088398830864209 S13086420930864208 S1308642083086399030821651 S13082165130821650 S130821650MR916134 S1MR916134MR916133 S1MR916133MR915770 S1MR915770MR915769 S1MR915769MR911570 S1MR911570MR911569 S1MR911569MR439702 S1MR439702MR439701 S1MR439701MR241342 S1MR241342MR241341 S1MR241341MR179480 S1MR179480MR179479 S1MR179479MN133618 S1MN133618MN133617 S1MN133617MB912078 S1MB912078MB912077 S1MB912077MB907164 S1MB907164MB907163 S1MB907163MB891790 S1MB891790MB891789 S1MB891789MB891788 S1MB891788MB891787 S1MB891787MB831556 S1MB831556MB831555 S1MB831555MB573098 S1MB573098MB573094 S1MB573094MB573093 S1MB573093MB518961 S1MB518961MB518960 S1MB518960MB518713 S1MB518713MB518712 S1MB518712MB518206 S1MB518206MB518044 S1MB518044MB518043 S1MB518043MB518042 S1MB518042MB518041 S1MB518041MB513206 S1MB513206MB430407 S1MB430407MB430406 S1MB430406MB430351 S1MB430351MB430350 S1MB430350MB349464 S1MB349464MB349463 S1MB349463MB349445 S1MB349445MB349444 S1MB349444MB303375 S1MB303375MB303374 S1MB303374

Product Description

Length [mm]: 83.3
Outer Diameter [mm]: 39.8
Outer Diameter [mm]: 43
Outer Thread [mm]: M 12 x 1.25
Thread Length [mm]: 18.6
Spanner Size: 19
DIN / ISO: 10511
Front Axle left and right
Weight [kg]: 0.33
Required quantity: 2

Fit Vehicles

Mitsubishi LANCER III 1986-1988
Mitsubishi COLT III Saloon 1986-1988
Mitsubishi LANCER Mk III 1986-1988
Mitsubishi Space Wagon 1998
Mitsubishi NIMBUS 1998
Mitsubishi COLT II 1986-1988
Mitsubishi COLT Mk II 1986-1988
Mitsubishi GALANT III 1986-1987
Mitsubishi GALANT III Saloon 1986-1987
Mitsubishi GALANT Mk III 1986-1987
Mitsubishi LANCER III Station Wagon 1990-1991
Mitsubishi LANCER III Break 1990-1991
Mitsubishi LANCER Mk III Estate 1990-1991
Mitsubishi GALANT IV Saloon 1991-1992
Mitsubishi GALANT Mk IV Saloon 1991-1992
Mitsubishi COLT III 1990-1992
Mitsubishi COLT Mk III 1990-1992
Mitsubishi LANCER IV 1992-1994
Mitsubishi LANCER Mk IV 1992-1994
Mitsubishi LANCER IV Saloon 1990-1992
Mitsubishi LANCER Mk IV Saloon 1990-1992
Mitsubishi GALANT IV 1989-1992
Mitsubishi GALANT Mk IV 1989-1992
Mitsubishi Chariot 1992-1998
Mitsubishi COLT IV 1994-1996
Mitsubishi COLT Mk IV 1994-1996
Mitsubishi LANCER V 1994
Mitsubishi LANCER V Saloon 1994
Mitsubishi LANCER Mk V 1994
Mitsubishi LANCER Coupe 1992-1996
Mitsubishi LANCER V Station Wagon 1999-2003
Mitsubishi LANCER V Break 1999-2003
Mitsubishi LANCER Mk V Estate 1999-2003
Mitsubishi Carisma 1998-2006
Mitsubishi LANCER VI 1995-2003
Mitsubishi LANCER VI Saloon 1995-2003
Mitsubishi LANCER Mk VI 1995-2003
Mitsubishi COLT V 2000-2005
Mitsubishi MIRAGE V 2000-2005
Mitsubishi COLT Mk V 2000-2005
Mitsubishi CARISMA Saloon 1998-2006
Mitsubishi LANCER SALOON 2008
Mitsubishi GALANT FORTIS Saloon 2008
Volvo S40 I 2001-2003
Volvo S40 I Saloon 2001-2003
Volvo V40 Estate 2002-2004